What Is The IIIA?

Investors have been protecting themselves from inflation, via investments in (e.g.) real estate and precious metals, for a very long time. But the explicitly inflation-indexed marketplace, which began to grow rapidly in 1997 when the U.S. Treasury created TIPS, is now so vast in raw size as well as scope (involving dozens of sovereign issuers, hundreds of corporate issuers, derivatives, etc) that it is remarkable no organization has been formed specifically for inflation-indexed investors to discuss issues, develop concepts, make contacts, et cetera. The burgeoning field is producing as many questions as it is resolving into answers. There are other organizations dedicated to fixed-income instruments…but none specifically for inflation-indexed investors.

We hope this will grow into that organization.

This is a group for investors, traders, marketers, and analysts who are interested in inflation-indexed products and markets. The group was established on the LinkedIn social-networking site in 2008.

At present, there are no dues, although that may change at some point in the future. The founding members of the IIIA feel somewhat evangelical about the mission to broaden and deepen investors’ knowledge of this crucial asset class – the very point of successful investing, after all, is not to maximize one’s nominal return (subject to constraints, of course) but one’s real return.

If you feel the same way, please contact us and put your name on the master membership list (you may also do this by requesting admission to the group on LinkedIn)